Luis Beltran, Copan, Honduras

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Luis Beltran, Copan, Honduras
1200 MASL
Macerated 48hr
Red Catuai
Taste Notes: Figgy Pudding, Prune, Milk Chocolate

Luis beltran is the owner of El Triunfo, a 10 hectare farm at 1200 Masl in the Las Pacayas area of Corquin, Copan. The cherry is pulped and then placed into barrels that are sealed to create an environment without oxygen for the cherry to continue to ferment and Macerate in the barrels at a temperature kept around 22-25 degrees in the shade. The coffee is then washed to remove the mucilage and taken to the beds where it is dried for 11-14 days where it is turned hourly.

This is the first Honduran we've had at Fond Coffee and it's been really fun roasting. We are Brewing this as a filter but also makes a very sweet tasting Espresso.