Colombia - La Quebradilla


From the Acevdo in Hulia - Colombia, La Quebradilla is a farm owned by Luiz Sanches

Luis has been growing coffee since he was 15 years old, he worked on farms for a further 18 years before saving enough to buy his own 7 hectare farm. at LA Quebradilla he planted the F6 verietal and has slowly learnt about methoods and techniques over the years to help him improve his coffee quality, the key steps have been learning when the cherry is perfectly ripened, and allowing for a longer fermentation time to promote a greater flavour development in the cup. he recieves ongoing support and advice on how to manage his trees and verietals and the best ways to get the optimal cherries from the farm

Washed process
Altitude:1600-1650 MASL
F6 and Castello Varietals

What to expect:
Rasberry, Liquorice, plum, in milk - vanilla ice cream